Friday, March 14, 2014

Ice Shots 2014: Another Huge Success!

Leisure Outdoor Adventures along with Chase on the Lake helped host the third annual Ice Shots Media Event.  “Ice Shots” is an organized media event which allows top media talent to gain content  to fulfill their media needs for the up and coming season.  Companies like In-Fisherman, Outdoor News, F&W Publication, Up North Inc, and many more were in attendance this year.  Ice Shots serves as a springboard into the hard water season for the next year giving these writers and photographers a sneak peak at some of the new and cutting edge products and technology coming out the next season from sponsors like Clam Outdoors and Vexilar.  Media are also given the opportunity to gain ideas for future articles and content for their future publications, photographs of products, ice fishing pros in action, as well as their own opportunity to fish and experience what this great sport is all about.
From the time they show up to the time they say their goodbyes, everyone from the Pros to the Media are given a first class experience.  With the help of the Chase on the Lake Resort everyone is given
incredible hospitality, dine on delicious food, and the comfort of a relaxing and one of a kind environment.   This year we were treated with awesome weather and conditions to help fill the memory cards and brain banks of every person who was invited, whether it was the shots of jumbo perch, huge crappies, the infamous eel pout, new product, or just the opportunity to watch the sun set on beautiful Leech Lake with the likes of Dave Genz, Jason Mitchell, Jeff Andersen, and the rest of the best in the ice fishing industry who proudly wear the colors of Clam and Vexilar.  This is truly an experience and something all media who cover ice fishing should consider putting on their calendars.  There isn’t another event that provides a first class and one of kind experience from the time you walk in the door to the final hand shakes and hugs good bye.

We want to thank Clam Outdoors and Vexilar for being gracious sponsors and taking their time to drive up to Leech Lake and help put on another incredible event.   Both of these companies set the
Nick Chiodo, Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen, Jason Mitchell and Dave Genz
bar and standard in the ice fishing industry and we are very lucky to be able to work with them for this event but also throughout the season.  Many relationships were built and grew this year at this awesome event.  Success can be measured in so many ways whether it is all the work put into and during the event, the endless amounts of photographs, videos, and article ideas that were thrown out of the course of three days you simply can’t put a number of how much is really accomplished for everyone involved.  Throw in the friendships, smiles, and laughs that are constantly being shown throughout the event, you have something we feel is one of a kind and truly unique to anything else in the country.  

For an opportunity to take part in “Ice Shots 2015” please contact Jeff at

Until Next Year
The Leisure Outdoor Adventures Team
Clam Outdoors/Vexilar/Ice Team

Some Other Pics from the Event
The group set up for a morning of Jumbo Perch fishing on Leech Lake

Fellow Iowans  Ice Team Pro Kevan Paul and LOA Guide and President Jason Freed

Fish Fry on the Ice.  Thanks to Bob and Ginny Riege as well as Bob Auel and LOA Guide Jim Ernster for putting this on.

Ice Team Pros Matt Breuer and Dave Genz
Vexilar Specialist Corey Studer and Ice Team Pro Scott Seibert