Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Making Memories...

A good friend of mine and business partner Jeff Andersen says it best, "Make a Memory" every time you're on the water. Jeff is wise beyond his years.
A little over a year ago, friends Dusty Minke, Jeff Andersen, and myself had discussed fishing the MWC walleye event on Cass Lake with our fathers. Something Dusty and I had done many times before and thought it would be great to have another family to share the experience with. Because of their busy schedules and timing, Jeff and his dad Steve were not able to make it happen. The tournament came and went with a lot of laughs and a bit of luck for my father Dean and I. We finished 5th.

A few weeks later one evening in October, I got a phone call from Jeff on his way up to Bemidji. "Something happened to my dad and they think he's gone"!. Steve Andersen passed that night, several fishing trips too soon. Through this tragedy, I have learned to listen to my friends advise. We only have so many opportunities in life to make a memory.

Throughout this summer Dad and I have participated in 3 Walleye Tournaments. Leech Lake Classic, Krause Anderson Walleye Classic, and the 2012 MWC Cass Lake event. In every event there was a memory to be had. I will attempt to share a few.

The best part of fishing tournaments with the old man is to see the excitement in his eyes before, during, and after each event. My father is 67 yrs old and has more energy than my 7yr old. He is the energizer bunny! The first one up in the morning (showered, coffee made, and breakfast done) before anyone else is thinking about stretching their eyelids. A good guy to have in camp for sure!
Leech Lake Walleye Classic
This year at our first event on Leech Lake, I overheard a conversation dad was having with Todd Minke (Dusty's dad). "I think this will be my last year of tournaments". It stopped me in my tracks. I really wouldn't want to fish them with anyone else. Some day I may have to.
The next morning as we were taking off from our docks, boating into the sunrise with Phillip Phillips "Home" Playing in the background, I had chills running down my spine. The words my father spoke the night before were playing in my head as I noticed a tear sliding down the right cheek of Dads face. At that moment I realized that this type of thing means as much to him as it does me. That moment will stay with me forever. For at that moment, I realized how lucky I am to still have a father to make a memory with, and will be damned if anything will stop me from doing so. It was also, at that moment that this tournament was won by both of us regardless of our finish.

Dad and I finished in 11th out of 155 teams, anchored by a 26.5 incher caught by dad on day 2.

Krause Anderson Walleye Classic
This event is always a special one. It's in our home town of Bemidji Mn and against the best anglers I have ever fished against. Everyone of the 100 boats has a legitimate chance of bringing home the title. Dad always says, "This is the one I want to win before I'm gone." I secretly hope we don't, it keeps him in the game.
This years event was a blast! Dad caught more fish in 8 hours than I have ever seen in a tournament. He caught over 30 walleyes in a few hours including a real nice 24 incher. I can still see the $hit eating grin on his face with every hook set! It was my pleasure to net every one.
We finished 12th place in this event, and one of the most enjoyable days of fishing this summer.

MWC Cass Lake
Every once in a while, you just have to believe in fate. As luck would have it, on day two, Nature had me wedged between our Main motor and kicker motor taking care of business. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to catch a fish, I left my rod in the rod holder and failed to tell dad my intentions because I didn't want to have him lose focus. It wasn't until a 4 ft section of toilet paper and shrapnel floated from under the boat towards his line that he new what was happening. "What the hell?", dad yelled. Looking like Luke Skywalker with his Sword swinging, dad maneuvered his line through the trail of debris. It was this skilled jigging motion that convinced our biggest fish on day two to have breakfast. While netting his, I noticed my pole in the holder was now bent, and it too was attached to a 23 incher. Two fish in a few seconds. " I guess they just needed to be $hit on", said dad!
That was undoubtedly the funniest fish story that I have been involved with to date.
Unfortunately that was also are only fishing highlight of the day as we finished in 21st place.

At the end of this event, I listened to a voice mail from my friend Jeff. " I don't care what place you finished, did you make a memory"?
Yes Jeff, and thank you for the lesson!!!

Make a Memory Everyone,
Toby K

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Clam Outdoors X2 Thermal Fish Trap

Oh not yet we aren't ready to go ice fishing but the itch is near.  Over the past several years we have been working with Clam Outdoors, the industry leader, when it comes to ice fishing product.  As many of you know being portable is the single most important part to a successful day on the ice.

This year I'm so excited to have the brand new X2 Thermal Fish Trap behind my snowmobile.  Perfect, not a doubt in my mind, with each and every detail fine tuned to meet the needs of a hard-core angler!  This is simply not an infomercial, this is a fish house that I can say with the most confidence, will fit your needs as a big water/ice angler.

Let me tell you why!

The Exterior

Two layers of 450 denier fabric sonic welded together with insualtion between for a total of 900 total denier.  This combination will give you a huge reduction in condensation and is 25 degrees warmer.  Will you be fishing when it's -20 out?  I will!

The Sled

The thickest sled by 30% that Clam has ever made!  Designed to travel long distances behind an ATV or Snowmobile.  Clam used Co-Extruded Technology which makes the interior of the sled grey.  This isn't paint its the color of the interior of the tube so it won't loose the color.  A huge positive when it comes finding gear in darker conditions.

The Pole System
  • 1 1/4 Super-duty Pole System - Thick, durable, easy to set up and take down.
  • RPSX (Rapid Pole Slide Extreme) System - one of kind making take down and set up in cold weather a breeze
  • Clam's new spreader pole system - keeps the spreader poles in place after take down.  A huge advantage and much better then having your poles laying underneath all of the gear in your tube.
Seating System

Two of Clam's Deluxe Seats that swivel, move front to back, and side to side.  Combined with large pads make them comfortable for long days on the ice.  You also have the option to remove the seats if needed.

If you are an angler that fishes on big bodies of water like Lake of the Woods, Devils Lake, Great Lakes, Lake Winnipeg this is the fish house for you.

Here is a Video to see this masterpiece.

Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A "Jolly" good Summer!

Summer 2012 has come and gone for the Leisure Outdoor Adventures crew. A little over a year ago there were three of us (Toby Kvalevog, Jeff Andersen, and Steve Olsen). New to the Team this year were Wade Haapajoki, Nate and Alexis Young, Guides Tim Hanske, Jim Ernster, Bob Auel, Jason Freed, and Greg Clark. They did a tremendous job fishing throughout central Minnesota for multi species from Mille Lacs to Cass Lake. All of the guys put clients on fish consistently throughout the seasons and spent several hours on the water learning to adjust with the fish as they moved from spot to spot on various lakes that we fish.

Along the way we received help from fellow guides Nate Young, Nate and Butch Blaising, Aaron "Murph" Murphy, Chuck Hasse, Harv Luek, and Mark Christianson, Jack Schriver and Jack Jr.. Without the support of fine folks willing to fill in from time to time, we wouldn't be able to get all of the awesome guests on the water day in and day out.

Leisure Outdoor Adventures had formed a new relationship with Lund Boats in 2012. Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen went with a 2025 Pro Guide Tiller model. "I have been a better fisherman in this boat because of its fish-ability", said Jiggy. After watching Jeff on the water, I have no doubt that this is true. In conditions less than favorable, I have seen unmatched boat control when others struggle. Harv Luek and Mark Christianson drive similar models and would voice the same. Jason Freed, Steve Olsen, and I ran Lund Pro V models. I personally had a chance to run the new 208 pro v glass boat this year. This boat was everything I could ask for in a guide boat and then some. Great control, tons of storage, and comfort that is unmatched. I recently sold my boat and will order another just like it as soon as possible. I know that I am a better guide because of it.

On the tackle side of things, we established a new partnership with Shawn Flemming and Jolly Roger Tackle company. From the end of May through July we our guides put the SMACK DOWN on Walleyes and Pike around our area with the help of the Jolly Roger Spinners in various color combinations. I have become a better spinner fisherman in 2012. With the help of Shawn, we have become much more detail orientated spinner fisherman. Matching the hatch, spinner length, and speed are all major players and Jolly Roger products as packaged make adjustments on the water VERY SIMPLE!

A spinner is the business end of a very deadly combination when paired with a quality trolling rod. Our partnership with Jason Mitchell rods does just that! The back bone and soft tip of these rods works exactly like it should. A subtle bite develops into a slow rod bend until the backbone takes over and hooks the fish. The need to "SET THE HOOK" is unnecessary. A simple 2 or 3 reels in the rod holder results in a high hook up percentage.

Because of the support of Partners, Sponsors, Guides, and friends behind the scenes, we have doubled our time on the water in 2012 and we aren't done yet! My brother Shane Kvalevog and friend Luke Davidson have spent countless hours putting in the time to make sure that our behind the scenes web site work, design work, and news letter are up and running. Thanks again to them for all of their hard work in 2012!
Luke Davidson Web Site Host 

Shane Kvalevog ,Web Site and Graphic Design Team

Moving forward, Leisure Outdoor Adventures is working to build more relationships with destinations around the upper Midwest and with quality guides in each location. In 2013 we hope to be a one stop shop in booking your complete fishing get away at any one of our top lodging destinations.

Stay Hooked,
Toby Kvalevog