Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A "Jolly" good Summer!

Summer 2012 has come and gone for the Leisure Outdoor Adventures crew. A little over a year ago there were three of us (Toby Kvalevog, Jeff Andersen, and Steve Olsen). New to the Team this year were Wade Haapajoki, Nate and Alexis Young, Guides Tim Hanske, Jim Ernster, Bob Auel, Jason Freed, and Greg Clark. They did a tremendous job fishing throughout central Minnesota for multi species from Mille Lacs to Cass Lake. All of the guys put clients on fish consistently throughout the seasons and spent several hours on the water learning to adjust with the fish as they moved from spot to spot on various lakes that we fish.

Along the way we received help from fellow guides Nate Young, Nate and Butch Blaising, Aaron "Murph" Murphy, Chuck Hasse, Harv Luek, and Mark Christianson, Jack Schriver and Jack Jr.. Without the support of fine folks willing to fill in from time to time, we wouldn't be able to get all of the awesome guests on the water day in and day out.

Leisure Outdoor Adventures had formed a new relationship with Lund Boats in 2012. Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen went with a 2025 Pro Guide Tiller model. "I have been a better fisherman in this boat because of its fish-ability", said Jiggy. After watching Jeff on the water, I have no doubt that this is true. In conditions less than favorable, I have seen unmatched boat control when others struggle. Harv Luek and Mark Christianson drive similar models and would voice the same. Jason Freed, Steve Olsen, and I ran Lund Pro V models. I personally had a chance to run the new 208 pro v glass boat this year. This boat was everything I could ask for in a guide boat and then some. Great control, tons of storage, and comfort that is unmatched. I recently sold my boat and will order another just like it as soon as possible. I know that I am a better guide because of it.

On the tackle side of things, we established a new partnership with Shawn Flemming and Jolly Roger Tackle company. From the end of May through July we our guides put the SMACK DOWN on Walleyes and Pike around our area with the help of the Jolly Roger Spinners in various color combinations. I have become a better spinner fisherman in 2012. With the help of Shawn, we have become much more detail orientated spinner fisherman. Matching the hatch, spinner length, and speed are all major players and Jolly Roger products as packaged make adjustments on the water VERY SIMPLE!

A spinner is the business end of a very deadly combination when paired with a quality trolling rod. Our partnership with Jason Mitchell rods does just that! The back bone and soft tip of these rods works exactly like it should. A subtle bite develops into a slow rod bend until the backbone takes over and hooks the fish. The need to "SET THE HOOK" is unnecessary. A simple 2 or 3 reels in the rod holder results in a high hook up percentage.

Because of the support of Partners, Sponsors, Guides, and friends behind the scenes, we have doubled our time on the water in 2012 and we aren't done yet! My brother Shane Kvalevog and friend Luke Davidson have spent countless hours putting in the time to make sure that our behind the scenes web site work, design work, and news letter are up and running. Thanks again to them for all of their hard work in 2012!
Luke Davidson Web Site Host 

Shane Kvalevog ,Web Site and Graphic Design Team

Moving forward, Leisure Outdoor Adventures is working to build more relationships with destinations around the upper Midwest and with quality guides in each location. In 2013 we hope to be a one stop shop in booking your complete fishing get away at any one of our top lodging destinations.

Stay Hooked,
Toby Kvalevog

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