Monday, October 29, 2012

Clam Elite Hunter Ground Blind

Stealth and Comfort the Name of the Game
Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind

When it comes to hunting, the two key components that often dictate success or failure in the hunt are your ability to remain stealth and have the comfort you need while waiting for your trophy buck or turkey.  Today’s ground blind market is flooded with choices that offer different sizes, camo patterns and components.  However, with the Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind, you have one that stands out above the rest.  When you think of Clam, you think of quality.  Clam has taken its knowledge of building portable ice houses and hub shelters and put it to use in creating a ground blind that is not only well built, but stealthy and comfortable for any hunter’s needs.

The Elite Hunter Ground Blind is built to lock horns with mother nature’s elements and come out on top!  To start, the blind is made with 11mm flex tested poles and large hub assemblies that can stand to high winds and provide a stable structure for hunting.  Additionally, a 600 Denier Fabric, has been welded together to create a canvas that keeps the heat inside the blind to provide a warm and comfortable hunting environment.  The fabric is fire retardant which will allow you to run a small heater inside to add to your comfort.  Ultimately when it comes to sitting in a blind during early morning hunts, staying warm can be vital to remaining alert and at the ready when listening and looking for that trophy buck or turkey.  

When setting up the blind, there are no poles to sort through or spend time trying to figure out how to get it set up by turning it this way and that.  This blind sets up easily in just a few minutes. Simply pull out on the loops and work your way in a circular motion around the blind.  Once you have all four sides popped out and the roof set, you can stake and tie down the blind to provide additional support.  One of the features that separates it from the other blinds are the rows of elastic that run along the outside of the blind.  Utilizing these a hunter can attach local camouflage his or her blind for a more authentic concealment pattern.  Everything from sticks, prairie grasses, to even cattails will work with this feature.  By doing this you up the chances that you will not be seen by the wise old buck or wary gobbler.

Once inside this blind you have multiple options to choose from for shooting and viewing windows.  The blind is set up for both bow hunters and gun hunters alike.  Clam has provided you with various sizes of windows and different angles to shoot or view from.  The key to these windows is the ability of the hunter to be able to adapt their size and to open them with extreme silence, helping you from spooking any game nearby.  The windows utilize silent magnets and a system of loops and hooks to hold up the windows.  The other advantage to these windows is you have the ability to set them to the size you wish to use.  Having these options allows you to easily see the area you are hunting as well as give you the ability to move and change your shot at a moments notice without that deer or turkey noticing your movements.  Throw in numerous pockets to hold all of your hunting gear, snacks, and tools have you have a hunter’s paradise inside.  

If you are looking for a blind that allows you to hunt comfortably, room to bring your hunting buddy along, versatility, and the ability to create a stealthy and comfortable hunting set up, then the Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind is exactly what you need to put that trophy on the wall and to help give you that memory of a lifetime.  

To see more on the Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind watch the video showing all its awesome features and how to set it up while in the field.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Father Daughter Fishing Trip to Remember

You often read and hear the Leisure Outdoor Fishing Guides talk about "making memories" through fishing and it has become a household saying around here.  My last guide trip was all about that, making a Father - Daughter, trip to remember.

Randy Blake who has spent several fishing trips with our fishing guide service and several of them were trips to remember.  Some of them so good it made me a little nervous when I got the call.

In October of 2011 Randy booked a fishing trip with Toby K fellow guide with LOA and what a trip.  They caught several and I mean several giant walleyes on this trip.  Randy said this about fishing with Toby, "I have hired a number of guides over the years and am a pheasant hunting guide myself, in addition to my day job as a lawyer. So I know the difference between a a good guide and a great guide......"  Randy wrote about the trip which you can read here.  October 2011 Fishing Trip

On Fathers Day of this year we had the chance to fish with Randy and Tyler (Father and Son) along with Randy, Blake and Alex (Father and two son team).  Both Toby and I fished these guys and again we had a trip to remember.  Check out the story and pictures here Fathers Day Trip.

So the table was set and the pressure was on!  Randy was bringing his daughter, Ashley, and her boyfriend, Javier.  Randy and I had spoke several times on the phone trying to plan the perfect trip.  I can tell you how much this trip meant to a father who hadn't seen his daughter, Ashley, too many times in the past couple of years.  Ashley was away finishing her degree at Harvard and traveling the world.

Randy and crew, like always, was staying at the amazing Chase on the Lake on Leech so that was dialed in with no worries but all rested on "the guide" to put some fish in the net.

Ashley had been fishing a few times and Javier hadn't ever caught a walleye before.  So the plan was in motion, the bait was picked, the rods were rigged with fresh line and sharp hooks.  Off we went into the cool October air with eager and excited motivation to set the hook on the first walleye.

We pulled up to our first spot and I gave instructions to the team about live bait rigging.  Randy skills were honed from previous trips and I had no worries that both, Ashley and Javier, would be dialed in as they listened and asked several questions.  I grabbed the first set of fresh minnows or "Jibbels" as Ashley had named her minnow and down they went!

Oh and can you say competitive!  There was bets for most fish, largest fish, and most variety and probably some I forgot.  There would be no mistakes as Ashley was armed with the official notebook and pen!  Let the games begin...

With a few missed hook sets and just a couple of lost fish we were soon putting fish in the boat.  Javier started it off with a super nice walleye and then Ashley answered back.  It went back and forth through out the day and soon we had a live-well full of our limit of walleyes and the memory cards in our cameras recorded several big walleye catches.  Back to the fish cleaning shack where Javier learned how to clean his first walleye and got the job as I didn't let him escape after the first one!

Day #2 the game plan was to target big walleyes
as they had their limits filled and a taste of how a big walleye feels on the end of the line!  As with chasing just big ones it can get slow at times but with big rewards.  It wasn't as action packed as day #1 but everyone had caught a fish larger then the day prior.  The two fish vacuums, Ashley and Javier, let the big fish of the trip go to Dad, Randy, which added to the competitive smack talk.

A little sigh of relief for the, "fishing guide"!

An emotional trip for not only a father who wanted to "make a memory" with his daughter, but also for a fishing guide who doesn't have the chance to share the boat with his parents anymore.  As they are both now now up above looking down on each fishing trip.

After a long season of being on the water several days, good and bad, up early in the morning, working weekends, and yes a little burnt out these are the types of trips that keeps the firing burning!

Thanks to Randy, Ashley and Javier for spending a couple of days in the boat with me and thanks to Randy who had to bring me to the Emergency Room on Saturday night after I had some allergic reaction to something I ate.  A story for another time!

"Get Hooked and Make a Memory!"
Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012-2013 Leech Lake Walleye Forecast

Was doing some reading today online and came across this article in Outdoors Weekly.  (See Below)
The future looks great for Leech Lake walleyes.  This is exciting news for us at Leisure Outdoor Adventures.  Nothing gets us more excited than putting fish in the boat for our customers, especially walleyes!  We have had a great summer and fall up on Leech Lake with many limits and big fish being caught throughout this time.  There is still some great fishing to be had this fall, one of my favorite times to fish Leech is mid to late October for big walleyes with big minnows!  It gives me goose bumps just thinking about that redtail or creek chum getting nervous because there is a giant walter staring at it and ready to engulf it.  Give us a call if you are interested in hitting the water.  Also this walleye forecast has us extremely excited for the ice fishing season.  There are some exciting things in the work for the winter season with us, so stay tuned and call for details about setting up your winter excursion!

Leech Lake test netting results show a strong walleye population

The results of recent fall test netting on Leech Lake conducted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) show the walleye population remains strong and anglers who visit the lake should continue to expect quality fishing. According to the results, the walleye catch rates remain above the long-term average for the sixth consecutive year.

“September gill nets showed good numbers of both juvenile and adult walleye,” said Matt Ward, large lake specialist in Walker. “It is encouraging to have a balanced walleye population within and outside the protected slot limit of 18 and 26 inches.”

Strong 2010 and 2011 year-classes are present and the DNR expects these year-classes will start providing harvest opportunities this coming winter. Additionally, 35 percent of walleye sampled were within the slot limit, which will provide anglers the opportunity to catch a large fish.

The number of young-of-the-year walleye (those hatched during the spring of 2012) sampled with both trawling and electrofishing were above the long-term average for each gear type. The average size for this year-class was good, at 6.1 inches during the mid-September electrofishing assessment. Larger sizes in the fall usually translate to higher winter survival.

Other game fish species targeted with test nets include yellow perch and northern pike. Yellow perch abundance declined for the fifth consecutive year, while northern pike abundance continues to remain stable. The primary species of nongame fish assessed with the test nets is cisco. Despite a minor cisco summer kill caused by warm temperatures in 2012, fall test netting indicated adequate numbers of cisco continue to be present.

Lake-wide, walleye counts in DNR test nets averaged 9.42 walleye per net lift, which was similar to results from the past four years and was above the long-term average of 7.7 walleye per net lift. Walleye numbers indicate that management actions implemented under the 2011-2015 Management Plan are succeeding. Key elements of the plan include special fishing regulations, walleye fry stocking, cormorant management and an increased emphasis on aquatic habitat protection.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Giant Minnesota Musky

As a musky fishing guide the game isn't easy.  The reality of catching a musky is that it's not easy on most days but there are days that it does come easy. 

I have been on the water doing a ton of fishing guide trips from walleyes to muskies and the fall bite hasn't been a disappointment.

I had the chance to share my boat with Paul and his wife DeNay.  Paul was looking for his first musky so we headed out with high hopes and eager attitudes.  I had been seeing several big fish in one small area along with one that was really special.  I pulled my Lund 2010 Pro Guide up to the spot and told both Paul and DeNay to hold on tight.  We fished for about 30 yards and heard Paul make a noise as I was looking down at my graph.  I looked up and saw Paul setting the hook, a huge musky tail, and the battle was on.  After a huge jump combined with monstrous head shakes we netting a giant musky.

The fish measure 54 inches and was huge from head to tail.  Congrats to Paul on the monster fish and congrats to both Paul and DeNay on soon becoming a Dad and Mom!

Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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Leech Lake Area-Brainerd Lakes Walleye Fishing Report

The fall bite is on and in full force.  I have been out fishing over the past several weeks with so many great fishing trips and memories you might want to sit down with a fresh cup of coffee.

Walleye Reports:

Gull Lake in the Brainerd Lakes Area is on fire!  The walleye action has been good for several of our fishing guides and myself.  The bite is as simple as a livebait rig tipped with the famous redtail chub.  The fish have been in tight schools in 17 to 23 feet of water along shoreline breaks.  Early morning has been the best.  Since the fish have moved each time out along these breaks I have been using a 1/2 oz sinker which allows me to move at a fast pace and keeping the bait in the strike-zone.  I have been using a Chartreuse hook with one pink bead.  

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Leech Lake has also been excellent.  We have been finding fish on both sharp rock edges that lead into deep water and on the shallow sand.  Our fishing guides have been putting many limits in their boats along with a bunch of big fish.

I recently had a couple of guide trips and we found a bunch of big fish with schools of smaller fish close by.  For the deeper walleyes, 22 to 28 feet, I have been using the same exact rig noted above.  For the shallow walleyes an 1/8 oz jig tipped with a golden shiner or rainbow chub has done the trick.  Wind is more of a factor with those shallow eyes so plan accordingly. 

Here a are few photos from the past fishing guide trips on Leech.  Lots of big ones in just a couple of guide trips!

Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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