Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Father Daughter Fishing Trip to Remember

You often read and hear the Leisure Outdoor Fishing Guides talk about "making memories" through fishing and it has become a household saying around here.  My last guide trip was all about that, making a Father - Daughter, trip to remember.

Randy Blake who has spent several fishing trips with our fishing guide service and several of them were trips to remember.  Some of them so good it made me a little nervous when I got the call.

In October of 2011 Randy booked a fishing trip with Toby K fellow guide with LOA and what a trip.  They caught several and I mean several giant walleyes on this trip.  Randy said this about fishing with Toby, "I have hired a number of guides over the years and am a pheasant hunting guide myself, in addition to my day job as a lawyer. So I know the difference between a a good guide and a great guide......"  Randy wrote about the trip which you can read here.  October 2011 Fishing Trip

On Fathers Day of this year we had the chance to fish with Randy and Tyler (Father and Son) along with Randy, Blake and Alex (Father and two son team).  Both Toby and I fished these guys and again we had a trip to remember.  Check out the story and pictures here Fathers Day Trip.

So the table was set and the pressure was on!  Randy was bringing his daughter, Ashley, and her boyfriend, Javier.  Randy and I had spoke several times on the phone trying to plan the perfect trip.  I can tell you how much this trip meant to a father who hadn't seen his daughter, Ashley, too many times in the past couple of years.  Ashley was away finishing her degree at Harvard and traveling the world.

Randy and crew, like always, was staying at the amazing Chase on the Lake on Leech so that was dialed in with no worries but all rested on "the guide" to put some fish in the net.

Ashley had been fishing a few times and Javier hadn't ever caught a walleye before.  So the plan was in motion, the bait was picked, the rods were rigged with fresh line and sharp hooks.  Off we went into the cool October air with eager and excited motivation to set the hook on the first walleye.

We pulled up to our first spot and I gave instructions to the team about live bait rigging.  Randy skills were honed from previous trips and I had no worries that both, Ashley and Javier, would be dialed in as they listened and asked several questions.  I grabbed the first set of fresh minnows or "Jibbels" as Ashley had named her minnow and down they went!

Oh and can you say competitive!  There was bets for most fish, largest fish, and most variety and probably some I forgot.  There would be no mistakes as Ashley was armed with the official notebook and pen!  Let the games begin...

With a few missed hook sets and just a couple of lost fish we were soon putting fish in the boat.  Javier started it off with a super nice walleye and then Ashley answered back.  It went back and forth through out the day and soon we had a live-well full of our limit of walleyes and the memory cards in our cameras recorded several big walleye catches.  Back to the fish cleaning shack where Javier learned how to clean his first walleye and got the job as I didn't let him escape after the first one!

Day #2 the game plan was to target big walleyes
as they had their limits filled and a taste of how a big walleye feels on the end of the line!  As with chasing just big ones it can get slow at times but with big rewards.  It wasn't as action packed as day #1 but everyone had caught a fish larger then the day prior.  The two fish vacuums, Ashley and Javier, let the big fish of the trip go to Dad, Randy, which added to the competitive smack talk.

A little sigh of relief for the, "fishing guide"!

An emotional trip for not only a father who wanted to "make a memory" with his daughter, but also for a fishing guide who doesn't have the chance to share the boat with his parents anymore.  As they are both now now up above looking down on each fishing trip.

After a long season of being on the water several days, good and bad, up early in the morning, working weekends, and yes a little burnt out these are the types of trips that keeps the firing burning!

Thanks to Randy, Ashley and Javier for spending a couple of days in the boat with me and thanks to Randy who had to bring me to the Emergency Room on Saturday night after I had some allergic reaction to something I ate.  A story for another time!

"Get Hooked and Make a Memory!"
Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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  1. This is truly a memorable experience for everyone. And look at the size of those fish! : ) Good thing you had a favorable weather when you went out to the water. A fishing trip really gets the family closer by keeping them temporarily away from the rush of office deadlines and work.

    Melanie Daryl