Monday, October 29, 2012

Clam Elite Hunter Ground Blind

Stealth and Comfort the Name of the Game
Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind

When it comes to hunting, the two key components that often dictate success or failure in the hunt are your ability to remain stealth and have the comfort you need while waiting for your trophy buck or turkey.  Today’s ground blind market is flooded with choices that offer different sizes, camo patterns and components.  However, with the Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind, you have one that stands out above the rest.  When you think of Clam, you think of quality.  Clam has taken its knowledge of building portable ice houses and hub shelters and put it to use in creating a ground blind that is not only well built, but stealthy and comfortable for any hunter’s needs.

The Elite Hunter Ground Blind is built to lock horns with mother nature’s elements and come out on top!  To start, the blind is made with 11mm flex tested poles and large hub assemblies that can stand to high winds and provide a stable structure for hunting.  Additionally, a 600 Denier Fabric, has been welded together to create a canvas that keeps the heat inside the blind to provide a warm and comfortable hunting environment.  The fabric is fire retardant which will allow you to run a small heater inside to add to your comfort.  Ultimately when it comes to sitting in a blind during early morning hunts, staying warm can be vital to remaining alert and at the ready when listening and looking for that trophy buck or turkey.  

When setting up the blind, there are no poles to sort through or spend time trying to figure out how to get it set up by turning it this way and that.  This blind sets up easily in just a few minutes. Simply pull out on the loops and work your way in a circular motion around the blind.  Once you have all four sides popped out and the roof set, you can stake and tie down the blind to provide additional support.  One of the features that separates it from the other blinds are the rows of elastic that run along the outside of the blind.  Utilizing these a hunter can attach local camouflage his or her blind for a more authentic concealment pattern.  Everything from sticks, prairie grasses, to even cattails will work with this feature.  By doing this you up the chances that you will not be seen by the wise old buck or wary gobbler.

Once inside this blind you have multiple options to choose from for shooting and viewing windows.  The blind is set up for both bow hunters and gun hunters alike.  Clam has provided you with various sizes of windows and different angles to shoot or view from.  The key to these windows is the ability of the hunter to be able to adapt their size and to open them with extreme silence, helping you from spooking any game nearby.  The windows utilize silent magnets and a system of loops and hooks to hold up the windows.  The other advantage to these windows is you have the ability to set them to the size you wish to use.  Having these options allows you to easily see the area you are hunting as well as give you the ability to move and change your shot at a moments notice without that deer or turkey noticing your movements.  Throw in numerous pockets to hold all of your hunting gear, snacks, and tools have you have a hunter’s paradise inside.  

If you are looking for a blind that allows you to hunt comfortably, room to bring your hunting buddy along, versatility, and the ability to create a stealthy and comfortable hunting set up, then the Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind is exactly what you need to put that trophy on the wall and to help give you that memory of a lifetime.  

To see more on the Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind watch the video showing all its awesome features and how to set it up while in the field.


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