Monday, August 18, 2014

Jiggin Rap Madness!!

It has been a good couple weeks for the LOA crew for walleyes on Leech Lake.  We are finding fish out deeper but still relating to shoreline structure, IE underwater points and bars.  Fish have been anywhere from 14-30 feet of water depending on wind and cloud cover.  Another key has been to stay on the move and not sit on fish too long.  A typical scenario is to mark a school, go through and pick off the aggressive ones and then move onto the next school.  Additionally, these schools of fish will slide around on individual pieces of structure as you are working them so don't just fish your old icons.

As the title suggests, the dominant fish catching presentation has been the vaunted jiggin rap.  This is not a secret anymore and it is clearly out fishing live bait by a LONG shot.  It does take some time to get used to it, but rest assured, it is worth the effort.  Experiment with size and color as well; despite this being a reaction bite, the pattern seems to make a difference.

As fall approaches, the bite will continue to improve.  Everybody's favorite bite, the jig and minnow, will resurrect itself soon as well.  No matter what your bait/weapon of choice is, get out there and make a memory!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Monster Muskies on the Chow

It's that time of year and the muskies are hungry.  We have been fishing a variety of lakes including Leech Lake, Cass Lake, Bemidji and a few others.  The water temps have finally been consistently over 70 degrees.  Best baits have been the Bigtooth Tackle JUICE Bucktail.  You can find them at Reeds Sporting Goods.

The bite has been really scattered each day has been a new day from Rocks, to weeds, to sand and everywhere in between.  The windows have been extremely short but come fast so when you catch a fish move fast.

Minnesota Fish

LOA Guide Kirby Budrow puts Chris and Barb on a Leech Lake 50 Incher! 

I get in on the musky action

My Son, Gavin's, helps dad with his first musky battle.

Not a monster but a super sweet figure 8 move put Nate Reiley on the board
Mikel's first musky - A 50 incher!

Mikel's second musky - A monster 51.5 incher!

Lake of the Woods Muskies