Monday, December 31, 2012

Walleyes and the Vikings!

Well yesterday as I was sitting in the truck on the way up north to the famed walleye factor we call Upper Red Lake, I was torn whether I should be sitting at home getting ready to watch the Border Battle between the our beloved Vikings and the Packers or putting the hurt bag on some Red Lake walleyes.  Then it dawned on me why not catch walleyes,enjoy Paul Allen on the radio, and enjoy both worlds.  Mission accomplished!

We arrived to West Wind Resort, paid our $10 road fee, and set out to find some walleyes for the frying pan.  The lake had a solid 15-17" of ice everywhere we went.  When we stopped and got bait, the cashier asked us if we are going to go and join the other 3000 fish houses on Red Lake.  I kind of laughed, but when pulled out onto the ice, I realize he wasn't kidding, now there wasn't 3000 houses, but there was a small city out there.  Now I am not one to fish amongst the crowd so we headed out about three miles and veered away from the masses.  The driving conditions are great on the lake right now, allowing you to travel all over the lake.  Obviously be aware of pressure ridges and ice heaves, and when you stop in ask the resorts.

We found the area we wanted to go and set up for the morning.  It couldn't have been two minutes after we got set up, Jim Ernster said "fish on" in my Jason Mitchell Thermal X, which by the way is one of the best two man portables on the market because of its durability, fishable space, and its full thermal protection from the cold and wind, which was a big part to our success on Upper Red.  Throw in the ability of the Thermal X with the use of our new Portable Buddy Heaters from Mr. Heater (View Website Here), which are easy to use, pack up nicely and tight, and keep you and and your hands warm making fishing much more enjoyable.  If you don't own one of these heaters or have never tried one you are simply missing out on the comfort they provide anglers on the ice across the country.

 From that point on the five of us worked through and sorted through quite a few fish.  We finished the day with our five limits of great eating sized walleyes and a few bonus pig perch thrown in.  The action was decent and it was enough to keep us busy in the portables and allowed for enough bantering back and forth. We had to make a few moves, but ultimately the hard work paid off.

The fish were not responding very well to the jigging spoons.  The fish that did take the spoons, had to be enticed and coaxed.  Remember to keep them chasing and focus in on our cadence.  I found as the day went on that a subtle jiggle and inch or two pull away from the fish is what got them to hit.  Also constantly switching up spoons, colors, and sizes often times got that reaction bite.  The Jason Mitchell 28" Walleye Rod was the ticket and has enough sensitivity to feel that slight pull or change in your cadence when a walleye hits your lure.  As the day went on though, the dead sticks out produced the jigging spoons.  The jigging spoons brought them in and often times they would hit our dead sticks that were either a plain hook/split shot or glow jig.  Now you tell me, what is more fun than watching your bobber disappear down the hole? :)  Our best action came in about 10-12' of water.  Another thing to not overlook is utilizing pressure ridges and ice heaves as ambush locations for fish.  These often times provide a change of light under the ice, but also a place for predators to trap bait fish.  This is something to we put to good use, but use caution, park away from them, and check the ice where you want to fish before setting up.

Our best bite ironically enough started about 2:00PM and lasted well into the Vikings game! So listening to the Vikings and catching walleyes became a reality this day and an awful lot of fun.  At one point, I heard "AP all day" from Pablo's shelter and a whole lot of screaming.

Here is a picture of Matt(MVP for the day) and our buddy Pablo with a nice batch of walleyes and posing next to a mower that Pablo painted a few years ago.

A day trip well worth it!  Walleyes on the ice, the Vikings won, beat the Packers, and are in the playoffs!  More importantly memories were made!

The fishing on Leech Lake has also been very good, with many limits of walleyes being caught and some perch starting to show up.  We have permanent houses on the lake, guides busy finding the hot bite.  For any of your ice fishing needs in the Leech Lake and Brainerd areas be sure to give us a call! (855-LOA-Hook (855-562-4665) 

Until then

Monday, December 17, 2012

Area Ice Conditions - 12/17/2012

Brainerd Area -

Small Area Lakes - Many smaller lakes in the Brainerd area have taken a hit with the recent wet snowfall.  Areas of slush and wet conditions remain a concern for many anglers.  Before the snow some of the small lakes had 5-7" of ice.  Be very careful yet if you decide to venture out.
371 Bay on North Long - ice here seems to be in better shape with depths ranging from 4-7".  Anglers have been out for around 3 weeks now. 
Gull Lake - ice is finally starting to be made.  The southeast end has 3-5" while areas on the north end are in the 2-4" range.  Conditions are varied so make sure and use extreme caution.
Leech Lake Area -
Main Lake - Ice conditions are shaping up nicely.  A solid 8-10" of ice is being found on the NW side towards Pine Point, Goose Island and Sucker Bay.  Stoney Point is reporting roughly the same.  Caution is still advised however, as a few pressure ridges and heaves are starting to flex with the drastic changes in temps.
Walker Bay - caution advised as it has only been capped with ice for a week.  Only 2-4" is being found on the south end.   The north end towards Sand Point is roughly 3-5" thick.
Small Area Lakes - anywhere from 6-10 inches on many of the small lakes depending on snow and slush conditions.  ATV and Snowmobiles are being used on many of these lakes.
Bemidji and Red Lake Area -
Lake Bemidji - ice ranging from 6-10" with some spots having less or more. 
Cass Lake - ice on the main part of the lake is ranging from 4-7" - with more ice being found in the Allens Bay area.
Plantagenet - ice conditions are being reported on the north end of 6-8", same for the south end.  ATV traffic is starting to be used for moving around.
Red Lake - may be the thickest ice in the area.  ATV and snowmobile traffic are the norm with all outfitters and guides reporting rentals are out and available.  Some smaller vehicle traffic is being used as well, but still not advised. 
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Friday, November 30, 2012

First Ice Findings

LOA guides Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen and Chuck Hasse spent a little time over the past few days in search of finding some fishable ice in the area.  After a few cold nights, a scouting mission or two, and a few phone calls they each had plans set in place to head out on their first frozen water adventure of the new season.

With not too many local options to choose from, Jeff and his good friend Jason Mitchell packed up for quick trip to Devils Lake, ND with hopes of getting their fill of super-sized jumbo perch.  It wasn't long after arriving, and they struck gold.  Limits of 11-12" with an occasional fish over 13" thumped the ice all day long, along with an occasional "bonus" walleye from time to time.  What a great way to start the season, hitting the century mark on pig Devils Lake Perch!  Immediately following, they jumped in the truck for the long drive ahead to make their appearance at the St. Paul Ice Show.  Stop in and say "hi" if you see them. You can see and hear more of Jeff's report below:

Meanwhile, closer to home, Chuck set out on Leech Lake to chase some Walleyes under the full moon.  It's very much worth noting that Leech Lake is a little unusual as far as first ice from other area lakes. Walker Bay still remains wide open as of now, but the main lake has been ice covered for the better part of a week.  After checking the ice, enough 4-5" clear ice was found to make their way out to one of Chuck's favorite early ice spots.  As the full moon peeked itself from the horizon, the walleyes turned on with a vengeance.  Many nice slot fish and eaters were pulled from the holes over the next few hours.  They ended up leaving with enough marble eyes for a good size meal, and a few picture fish as well.  Here's a few highlights from the first ice trip from Chuck...

Please keep in mind, no ice is safe matter what the conditions are.  The MN DNR recommends a solid 4" of clear, solid ice before venturing out by foot.  6+ inches is recommended for atv or snowmobile traffic.  Its also a very good idea to bring a buddy when you make those first few trips of the year. LOA always takes all precautions when making that first ice trip of the season. 

If you would like to get out on the ice with one of our LOA guides, give us a call at 855-LOA-HOOK

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last Call for Late Fall

Last Call Fun For the LOA Guide Team

   Through Wind, Rain, Snow or Sleet, a few of us at LOA still refuse to put the boat away for the season.  If you are like me, procrastination and refusal to admit the open water season is coming to an end allows us to get a few extra weeks in of great fall fishing.  This is also a time many of our guides here at LOA get a chance to get out and fish with one another, a chance we do not get too often! 

    On Leech Lake and Gull, fish are being found concentrated on and along shore breaklines,  as well as in clusters clinging to the last of the remaining weed growth on shallow sand flats.  Presentations have been very simple, a standard 1/8 oz Vegas style Northland jig tipped with a rainbow or big fathead has been taking most fish.  This setup fished vertically at peak times of the day has been the go-to for the late fall fisherman.  The water right now is VERY clear, so early morning and late evening have been the best times for active fish, just as you would fish them through the ice. 

     These last few nice days have been a great opportunity to get out and plant one last echo of those screaming drags into our minds, run stabil through our gas tanks, and simply just enjoy being the only other boat on the lake before winter sets in.  Above all else, it's also been a good scouting tool in the fact we are able to locate some of those haunts that will hold good numbers of fish come first ice. As you already know, the ice season is very near, give us a call at 855-LOA-HOOK and book your next winter ice fishing expedition with one of our LOA guides today!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Clam Elite Hunter Ground Blind

Stealth and Comfort the Name of the Game
Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind

When it comes to hunting, the two key components that often dictate success or failure in the hunt are your ability to remain stealth and have the comfort you need while waiting for your trophy buck or turkey.  Today’s ground blind market is flooded with choices that offer different sizes, camo patterns and components.  However, with the Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind, you have one that stands out above the rest.  When you think of Clam, you think of quality.  Clam has taken its knowledge of building portable ice houses and hub shelters and put it to use in creating a ground blind that is not only well built, but stealthy and comfortable for any hunter’s needs.

The Elite Hunter Ground Blind is built to lock horns with mother nature’s elements and come out on top!  To start, the blind is made with 11mm flex tested poles and large hub assemblies that can stand to high winds and provide a stable structure for hunting.  Additionally, a 600 Denier Fabric, has been welded together to create a canvas that keeps the heat inside the blind to provide a warm and comfortable hunting environment.  The fabric is fire retardant which will allow you to run a small heater inside to add to your comfort.  Ultimately when it comes to sitting in a blind during early morning hunts, staying warm can be vital to remaining alert and at the ready when listening and looking for that trophy buck or turkey.  

When setting up the blind, there are no poles to sort through or spend time trying to figure out how to get it set up by turning it this way and that.  This blind sets up easily in just a few minutes. Simply pull out on the loops and work your way in a circular motion around the blind.  Once you have all four sides popped out and the roof set, you can stake and tie down the blind to provide additional support.  One of the features that separates it from the other blinds are the rows of elastic that run along the outside of the blind.  Utilizing these a hunter can attach local camouflage his or her blind for a more authentic concealment pattern.  Everything from sticks, prairie grasses, to even cattails will work with this feature.  By doing this you up the chances that you will not be seen by the wise old buck or wary gobbler.

Once inside this blind you have multiple options to choose from for shooting and viewing windows.  The blind is set up for both bow hunters and gun hunters alike.  Clam has provided you with various sizes of windows and different angles to shoot or view from.  The key to these windows is the ability of the hunter to be able to adapt their size and to open them with extreme silence, helping you from spooking any game nearby.  The windows utilize silent magnets and a system of loops and hooks to hold up the windows.  The other advantage to these windows is you have the ability to set them to the size you wish to use.  Having these options allows you to easily see the area you are hunting as well as give you the ability to move and change your shot at a moments notice without that deer or turkey noticing your movements.  Throw in numerous pockets to hold all of your hunting gear, snacks, and tools have you have a hunter’s paradise inside.  

If you are looking for a blind that allows you to hunt comfortably, room to bring your hunting buddy along, versatility, and the ability to create a stealthy and comfortable hunting set up, then the Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind is exactly what you need to put that trophy on the wall and to help give you that memory of a lifetime.  

To see more on the Clam Outdoors Elite Hunter Ground Blind watch the video showing all its awesome features and how to set it up while in the field.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Father Daughter Fishing Trip to Remember

You often read and hear the Leisure Outdoor Fishing Guides talk about "making memories" through fishing and it has become a household saying around here.  My last guide trip was all about that, making a Father - Daughter, trip to remember.

Randy Blake who has spent several fishing trips with our fishing guide service and several of them were trips to remember.  Some of them so good it made me a little nervous when I got the call.

In October of 2011 Randy booked a fishing trip with Toby K fellow guide with LOA and what a trip.  They caught several and I mean several giant walleyes on this trip.  Randy said this about fishing with Toby, "I have hired a number of guides over the years and am a pheasant hunting guide myself, in addition to my day job as a lawyer. So I know the difference between a a good guide and a great guide......"  Randy wrote about the trip which you can read here.  October 2011 Fishing Trip

On Fathers Day of this year we had the chance to fish with Randy and Tyler (Father and Son) along with Randy, Blake and Alex (Father and two son team).  Both Toby and I fished these guys and again we had a trip to remember.  Check out the story and pictures here Fathers Day Trip.

So the table was set and the pressure was on!  Randy was bringing his daughter, Ashley, and her boyfriend, Javier.  Randy and I had spoke several times on the phone trying to plan the perfect trip.  I can tell you how much this trip meant to a father who hadn't seen his daughter, Ashley, too many times in the past couple of years.  Ashley was away finishing her degree at Harvard and traveling the world.

Randy and crew, like always, was staying at the amazing Chase on the Lake on Leech so that was dialed in with no worries but all rested on "the guide" to put some fish in the net.

Ashley had been fishing a few times and Javier hadn't ever caught a walleye before.  So the plan was in motion, the bait was picked, the rods were rigged with fresh line and sharp hooks.  Off we went into the cool October air with eager and excited motivation to set the hook on the first walleye.

We pulled up to our first spot and I gave instructions to the team about live bait rigging.  Randy skills were honed from previous trips and I had no worries that both, Ashley and Javier, would be dialed in as they listened and asked several questions.  I grabbed the first set of fresh minnows or "Jibbels" as Ashley had named her minnow and down they went!

Oh and can you say competitive!  There was bets for most fish, largest fish, and most variety and probably some I forgot.  There would be no mistakes as Ashley was armed with the official notebook and pen!  Let the games begin...

With a few missed hook sets and just a couple of lost fish we were soon putting fish in the boat.  Javier started it off with a super nice walleye and then Ashley answered back.  It went back and forth through out the day and soon we had a live-well full of our limit of walleyes and the memory cards in our cameras recorded several big walleye catches.  Back to the fish cleaning shack where Javier learned how to clean his first walleye and got the job as I didn't let him escape after the first one!

Day #2 the game plan was to target big walleyes
as they had their limits filled and a taste of how a big walleye feels on the end of the line!  As with chasing just big ones it can get slow at times but with big rewards.  It wasn't as action packed as day #1 but everyone had caught a fish larger then the day prior.  The two fish vacuums, Ashley and Javier, let the big fish of the trip go to Dad, Randy, which added to the competitive smack talk.

A little sigh of relief for the, "fishing guide"!

An emotional trip for not only a father who wanted to "make a memory" with his daughter, but also for a fishing guide who doesn't have the chance to share the boat with his parents anymore.  As they are both now now up above looking down on each fishing trip.

After a long season of being on the water several days, good and bad, up early in the morning, working weekends, and yes a little burnt out these are the types of trips that keeps the firing burning!

Thanks to Randy, Ashley and Javier for spending a couple of days in the boat with me and thanks to Randy who had to bring me to the Emergency Room on Saturday night after I had some allergic reaction to something I ate.  A story for another time!

"Get Hooked and Make a Memory!"
Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012-2013 Leech Lake Walleye Forecast

Was doing some reading today online and came across this article in Outdoors Weekly.  (See Below)
The future looks great for Leech Lake walleyes.  This is exciting news for us at Leisure Outdoor Adventures.  Nothing gets us more excited than putting fish in the boat for our customers, especially walleyes!  We have had a great summer and fall up on Leech Lake with many limits and big fish being caught throughout this time.  There is still some great fishing to be had this fall, one of my favorite times to fish Leech is mid to late October for big walleyes with big minnows!  It gives me goose bumps just thinking about that redtail or creek chum getting nervous because there is a giant walter staring at it and ready to engulf it.  Give us a call if you are interested in hitting the water.  Also this walleye forecast has us extremely excited for the ice fishing season.  There are some exciting things in the work for the winter season with us, so stay tuned and call for details about setting up your winter excursion!

Leech Lake test netting results show a strong walleye population

The results of recent fall test netting on Leech Lake conducted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) show the walleye population remains strong and anglers who visit the lake should continue to expect quality fishing. According to the results, the walleye catch rates remain above the long-term average for the sixth consecutive year.

“September gill nets showed good numbers of both juvenile and adult walleye,” said Matt Ward, large lake specialist in Walker. “It is encouraging to have a balanced walleye population within and outside the protected slot limit of 18 and 26 inches.”

Strong 2010 and 2011 year-classes are present and the DNR expects these year-classes will start providing harvest opportunities this coming winter. Additionally, 35 percent of walleye sampled were within the slot limit, which will provide anglers the opportunity to catch a large fish.

The number of young-of-the-year walleye (those hatched during the spring of 2012) sampled with both trawling and electrofishing were above the long-term average for each gear type. The average size for this year-class was good, at 6.1 inches during the mid-September electrofishing assessment. Larger sizes in the fall usually translate to higher winter survival.

Other game fish species targeted with test nets include yellow perch and northern pike. Yellow perch abundance declined for the fifth consecutive year, while northern pike abundance continues to remain stable. The primary species of nongame fish assessed with the test nets is cisco. Despite a minor cisco summer kill caused by warm temperatures in 2012, fall test netting indicated adequate numbers of cisco continue to be present.

Lake-wide, walleye counts in DNR test nets averaged 9.42 walleye per net lift, which was similar to results from the past four years and was above the long-term average of 7.7 walleye per net lift. Walleye numbers indicate that management actions implemented under the 2011-2015 Management Plan are succeeding. Key elements of the plan include special fishing regulations, walleye fry stocking, cormorant management and an increased emphasis on aquatic habitat protection.

For more information, contact

Friday, October 5, 2012

Giant Minnesota Musky

As a musky fishing guide the game isn't easy.  The reality of catching a musky is that it's not easy on most days but there are days that it does come easy. 

I have been on the water doing a ton of fishing guide trips from walleyes to muskies and the fall bite hasn't been a disappointment.

I had the chance to share my boat with Paul and his wife DeNay.  Paul was looking for his first musky so we headed out with high hopes and eager attitudes.  I had been seeing several big fish in one small area along with one that was really special.  I pulled my Lund 2010 Pro Guide up to the spot and told both Paul and DeNay to hold on tight.  We fished for about 30 yards and heard Paul make a noise as I was looking down at my graph.  I looked up and saw Paul setting the hook, a huge musky tail, and the battle was on.  After a huge jump combined with monstrous head shakes we netting a giant musky.

The fish measure 54 inches and was huge from head to tail.  Congrats to Paul on the monster fish and congrats to both Paul and DeNay on soon becoming a Dad and Mom!

Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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Leech Lake Area-Brainerd Lakes Walleye Fishing Report

The fall bite is on and in full force.  I have been out fishing over the past several weeks with so many great fishing trips and memories you might want to sit down with a fresh cup of coffee.

Walleye Reports:

Gull Lake in the Brainerd Lakes Area is on fire!  The walleye action has been good for several of our fishing guides and myself.  The bite is as simple as a livebait rig tipped with the famous redtail chub.  The fish have been in tight schools in 17 to 23 feet of water along shoreline breaks.  Early morning has been the best.  Since the fish have moved each time out along these breaks I have been using a 1/2 oz sinker which allows me to move at a fast pace and keeping the bait in the strike-zone.  I have been using a Chartreuse hook with one pink bead.  

Visit Leisure Outdoor Adventures Brainerd Lakes Page for more info

Leech Lake has also been excellent.  We have been finding fish on both sharp rock edges that lead into deep water and on the shallow sand.  Our fishing guides have been putting many limits in their boats along with a bunch of big fish.

I recently had a couple of guide trips and we found a bunch of big fish with schools of smaller fish close by.  For the deeper walleyes, 22 to 28 feet, I have been using the same exact rig noted above.  For the shallow walleyes an 1/8 oz jig tipped with a golden shiner or rainbow chub has done the trick.  Wind is more of a factor with those shallow eyes so plan accordingly. 

Here a are few photos from the past fishing guide trips on Leech.  Lots of big ones in just a couple of guide trips!

Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Making Memories...

A good friend of mine and business partner Jeff Andersen says it best, "Make a Memory" every time you're on the water. Jeff is wise beyond his years.
A little over a year ago, friends Dusty Minke, Jeff Andersen, and myself had discussed fishing the MWC walleye event on Cass Lake with our fathers. Something Dusty and I had done many times before and thought it would be great to have another family to share the experience with. Because of their busy schedules and timing, Jeff and his dad Steve were not able to make it happen. The tournament came and went with a lot of laughs and a bit of luck for my father Dean and I. We finished 5th.

A few weeks later one evening in October, I got a phone call from Jeff on his way up to Bemidji. "Something happened to my dad and they think he's gone"!. Steve Andersen passed that night, several fishing trips too soon. Through this tragedy, I have learned to listen to my friends advise. We only have so many opportunities in life to make a memory.

Throughout this summer Dad and I have participated in 3 Walleye Tournaments. Leech Lake Classic, Krause Anderson Walleye Classic, and the 2012 MWC Cass Lake event. In every event there was a memory to be had. I will attempt to share a few.

The best part of fishing tournaments with the old man is to see the excitement in his eyes before, during, and after each event. My father is 67 yrs old and has more energy than my 7yr old. He is the energizer bunny! The first one up in the morning (showered, coffee made, and breakfast done) before anyone else is thinking about stretching their eyelids. A good guy to have in camp for sure!
Leech Lake Walleye Classic
This year at our first event on Leech Lake, I overheard a conversation dad was having with Todd Minke (Dusty's dad). "I think this will be my last year of tournaments". It stopped me in my tracks. I really wouldn't want to fish them with anyone else. Some day I may have to.
The next morning as we were taking off from our docks, boating into the sunrise with Phillip Phillips "Home" Playing in the background, I had chills running down my spine. The words my father spoke the night before were playing in my head as I noticed a tear sliding down the right cheek of Dads face. At that moment I realized that this type of thing means as much to him as it does me. That moment will stay with me forever. For at that moment, I realized how lucky I am to still have a father to make a memory with, and will be damned if anything will stop me from doing so. It was also, at that moment that this tournament was won by both of us regardless of our finish.

Dad and I finished in 11th out of 155 teams, anchored by a 26.5 incher caught by dad on day 2.

Krause Anderson Walleye Classic
This event is always a special one. It's in our home town of Bemidji Mn and against the best anglers I have ever fished against. Everyone of the 100 boats has a legitimate chance of bringing home the title. Dad always says, "This is the one I want to win before I'm gone." I secretly hope we don't, it keeps him in the game.
This years event was a blast! Dad caught more fish in 8 hours than I have ever seen in a tournament. He caught over 30 walleyes in a few hours including a real nice 24 incher. I can still see the $hit eating grin on his face with every hook set! It was my pleasure to net every one.
We finished 12th place in this event, and one of the most enjoyable days of fishing this summer.

MWC Cass Lake
Every once in a while, you just have to believe in fate. As luck would have it, on day two, Nature had me wedged between our Main motor and kicker motor taking care of business. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to catch a fish, I left my rod in the rod holder and failed to tell dad my intentions because I didn't want to have him lose focus. It wasn't until a 4 ft section of toilet paper and shrapnel floated from under the boat towards his line that he new what was happening. "What the hell?", dad yelled. Looking like Luke Skywalker with his Sword swinging, dad maneuvered his line through the trail of debris. It was this skilled jigging motion that convinced our biggest fish on day two to have breakfast. While netting his, I noticed my pole in the holder was now bent, and it too was attached to a 23 incher. Two fish in a few seconds. " I guess they just needed to be $hit on", said dad!
That was undoubtedly the funniest fish story that I have been involved with to date.
Unfortunately that was also are only fishing highlight of the day as we finished in 21st place.

At the end of this event, I listened to a voice mail from my friend Jeff. " I don't care what place you finished, did you make a memory"?
Yes Jeff, and thank you for the lesson!!!

Make a Memory Everyone,
Toby K

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Clam Outdoors X2 Thermal Fish Trap

Oh not yet we aren't ready to go ice fishing but the itch is near.  Over the past several years we have been working with Clam Outdoors, the industry leader, when it comes to ice fishing product.  As many of you know being portable is the single most important part to a successful day on the ice.

This year I'm so excited to have the brand new X2 Thermal Fish Trap behind my snowmobile.  Perfect, not a doubt in my mind, with each and every detail fine tuned to meet the needs of a hard-core angler!  This is simply not an infomercial, this is a fish house that I can say with the most confidence, will fit your needs as a big water/ice angler.

Let me tell you why!

The Exterior

Two layers of 450 denier fabric sonic welded together with insualtion between for a total of 900 total denier.  This combination will give you a huge reduction in condensation and is 25 degrees warmer.  Will you be fishing when it's -20 out?  I will!

The Sled

The thickest sled by 30% that Clam has ever made!  Designed to travel long distances behind an ATV or Snowmobile.  Clam used Co-Extruded Technology which makes the interior of the sled grey.  This isn't paint its the color of the interior of the tube so it won't loose the color.  A huge positive when it comes finding gear in darker conditions.

The Pole System
  • 1 1/4 Super-duty Pole System - Thick, durable, easy to set up and take down.
  • RPSX (Rapid Pole Slide Extreme) System - one of kind making take down and set up in cold weather a breeze
  • Clam's new spreader pole system - keeps the spreader poles in place after take down.  A huge advantage and much better then having your poles laying underneath all of the gear in your tube.
Seating System

Two of Clam's Deluxe Seats that swivel, move front to back, and side to side.  Combined with large pads make them comfortable for long days on the ice.  You also have the option to remove the seats if needed.

If you are an angler that fishes on big bodies of water like Lake of the Woods, Devils Lake, Great Lakes, Lake Winnipeg this is the fish house for you.

Here is a Video to see this masterpiece.

Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A "Jolly" good Summer!

Summer 2012 has come and gone for the Leisure Outdoor Adventures crew. A little over a year ago there were three of us (Toby Kvalevog, Jeff Andersen, and Steve Olsen). New to the Team this year were Wade Haapajoki, Nate and Alexis Young, Guides Tim Hanske, Jim Ernster, Bob Auel, Jason Freed, and Greg Clark. They did a tremendous job fishing throughout central Minnesota for multi species from Mille Lacs to Cass Lake. All of the guys put clients on fish consistently throughout the seasons and spent several hours on the water learning to adjust with the fish as they moved from spot to spot on various lakes that we fish.

Along the way we received help from fellow guides Nate Young, Nate and Butch Blaising, Aaron "Murph" Murphy, Chuck Hasse, Harv Luek, and Mark Christianson, Jack Schriver and Jack Jr.. Without the support of fine folks willing to fill in from time to time, we wouldn't be able to get all of the awesome guests on the water day in and day out.

Leisure Outdoor Adventures had formed a new relationship with Lund Boats in 2012. Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen went with a 2025 Pro Guide Tiller model. "I have been a better fisherman in this boat because of its fish-ability", said Jiggy. After watching Jeff on the water, I have no doubt that this is true. In conditions less than favorable, I have seen unmatched boat control when others struggle. Harv Luek and Mark Christianson drive similar models and would voice the same. Jason Freed, Steve Olsen, and I ran Lund Pro V models. I personally had a chance to run the new 208 pro v glass boat this year. This boat was everything I could ask for in a guide boat and then some. Great control, tons of storage, and comfort that is unmatched. I recently sold my boat and will order another just like it as soon as possible. I know that I am a better guide because of it.

On the tackle side of things, we established a new partnership with Shawn Flemming and Jolly Roger Tackle company. From the end of May through July we our guides put the SMACK DOWN on Walleyes and Pike around our area with the help of the Jolly Roger Spinners in various color combinations. I have become a better spinner fisherman in 2012. With the help of Shawn, we have become much more detail orientated spinner fisherman. Matching the hatch, spinner length, and speed are all major players and Jolly Roger products as packaged make adjustments on the water VERY SIMPLE!

A spinner is the business end of a very deadly combination when paired with a quality trolling rod. Our partnership with Jason Mitchell rods does just that! The back bone and soft tip of these rods works exactly like it should. A subtle bite develops into a slow rod bend until the backbone takes over and hooks the fish. The need to "SET THE HOOK" is unnecessary. A simple 2 or 3 reels in the rod holder results in a high hook up percentage.

Because of the support of Partners, Sponsors, Guides, and friends behind the scenes, we have doubled our time on the water in 2012 and we aren't done yet! My brother Shane Kvalevog and friend Luke Davidson have spent countless hours putting in the time to make sure that our behind the scenes web site work, design work, and news letter are up and running. Thanks again to them for all of their hard work in 2012!
Luke Davidson Web Site Host 

Shane Kvalevog ,Web Site and Graphic Design Team

Moving forward, Leisure Outdoor Adventures is working to build more relationships with destinations around the upper Midwest and with quality guides in each location. In 2013 we hope to be a one stop shop in booking your complete fishing get away at any one of our top lodging destinations.

Stay Hooked,
Toby Kvalevog

Friday, August 24, 2012

The bite is turning on!

I have been on Leech a bunch the last couple weeks and am happy to report that the walleyes (both eaters and 20+ inch) have been showing themselves with more consistency of late.  Typically, this time of year, we will catch them on deeper humps in Walker Bay but that bite has been very inconsistent.  Shoreline breaks and underwater points have been the most consistent over the last 2 weeks.  Lindy rigging creek chubs or redtails has produced as have jigs with minnows.  A sleeper tactic can be a lindy rig with a crawler as well.  Key depths have varied depending on what the wind is doing.  If you have wind crashing into a shoreline, they can be as shallow as 11-14; if there is no wind, they can slide out  to 18-25 feet of water.  The underwater points that I have been using, the fish have been deeper, 25-35 feet of water.  The best thing about this bite is it will only get BETTER!!  I know it is tough to get away in the fall, especially mid-week but if you can, get up to Leech.  We can get great mid-week deals in the fall for rooms at the Chase and the BIG walleyes are going to go on the chew with vengance!

Good Luck!

Jim Ernster

                           North Dakota great Jim Archibald with a 23 inch Leech Lake Walleye.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Minnesota Musky Guide and Report

What a busy summer here at L.O.A.!  All of us fishing guides have been very busy fishing Leech Lake, Gull Lake and Mille Lacs.  I have had the opportunity to film a couple of musky shows with both In-Fisherman T.V. and Jason Mitchell Outdoors.

Ace Photographer Jeff Simpson taking photo
 Fishing muskies as many of you know and some don't isn't an easy task and then add a camera to the mix makes a challenging task.  My first trip was to LOTW with Jeff Simpson, the Swede (In-Fisherman Cameraman) in hopes to capture a segment for In-Fisherman T.V.  We arrived with high hopes, fresh arms and sharp hooks.  We planned to be there for 5 days depending on the bite.  It turned out we only needed one to capture the show which included a 50 incher to close.  Make sure to tune into this coming Fall/Winter to see the show.  It's going to be a good one.

Jeff Simpson and I with the big musky to close the show

Between guiding on Leech Lake and Mille Lacs for Walleyes my second filming duties was with good friend Jason Mitchell.  Our goal was to show the story of how Minnesota Musky fishing is the best it has ever been.  Jason along with Joe Andersen, my brother and producer, meet me at Chase on the Lake on Leech Lake.  Ready to rock we headed out the first morning and only 20 minutes into the trip Jason sets the hook on a big fish.  After a spectacular jump, that Joe captured on film, we got the monster musky into the net.  Hooks out, a fish hold, quick measurement and a release.  We had a start to the show and not in a better way.  Jason landing a 53 inch musky which was his largest to date!  Again we ended up with an amazing day fishing with several other muskies boated and lost.  Joe captured some super amazing jump scenes so make sure to tune into

Jason Mitchell with the show open 53 inch musky

Another big one for the show

It costs these shows so much to come and film and for them to trust me to put them on fish is a great honor!

Do you want to experience Minnesota Musky Fishing?  Lets share my boat and go hawg hunting...

Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leech Lake Fishing Report

As of today, fishing remains Rock Solid on Leech Lake. I have been on the lake for the past three days pulling Jolly Roger spinners. With light and variable winds the most consistent action has been coming from mid lake Rock structures such as Submarine, Annex, Big Rock, and The rocks around Pelican Island. Focus on the windward edges in 14-18 ft with wind. Shallow rock clumps in 12-14 ft are better on calm days. Copper and Gold color blades with half a crawler behind 2-3 oz bouncers trolled at .8-1.3 mph have been the most consistent patterns. Cabbage flats are holding walleye in 7-12 ft. Steamboat, Sucker, and Portage bay points and weed flats have been holding fish all year. Trolling cranks in the low light periods and or slip bobbering a leech can be rewarding this time of year. Bigger Walleye and above average Pike have been biting in Walker Bay. Bumps topping out in 22-30 ft of water are holding fish. Best presentations seam to be light Pike suckers or leeches. 

Tight Lines, 
Toby K

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Leisure Outdoor Adventures/Minnesota Wild Shootout 2012

It all started with a simple phone call in April from Jim Vanek of the Minnesota Wild responding to an e-mail I had sent inviting the Wild to go fishing with Team LOA.  It culminated with Jason Zucker’s big pike leading the way for Team Kvalevog winning the Leisure Outdoor Adventures/Minnesota Wild Shootout for 2012.  The event was held at one of Minnesota’s most historic resorts, Cragun’s on the shores of Gull Lake. The stage was set for a great night for fishing and Minnesota Hockey.

Anticipation was high amongst all the participants, especially 3 lucky winners from the Leisure Outdoor Adventures "Fish with the Wild" contest. Local hockey players, Max Wheeler, Josh Hukriede and Zach Hukriede were chosen and they were grinning from ear to ear at the docks. Joining them in the boats were the Wild's Nate Prosser and Jason Zucker, State Representative John Ward, National Guardsman Nick Tuttle, Wild Radio personality Tom Reid, Kari from Wells Fargo and The Minnesota Wild foundation's Tim Groth. Team LOA was represented by Tim Hanske, Jim Ernster, Jeff Andersen and Toby Kvalevog. The rules were simple, multi-species format, weigh your boats 3 biggest fish.

Shortly after take off, 3 of decided to fish Wilson Bay on the South end of Gull. Wilson usually holds a good population of Largemouth bass and the weed lines hold good multi-species potential. Not long after all were fishing, we heard some hooting and hollering from Toby Kvalevog's boat, thanks to the Minnesota Wild's Jason Zucker. Zucker had latched into something big!

The fight was on and Zucker was as skilled with a Jason Mitchell rod in his hand as he is with a stick on the ice. This fish had no chance!

From where I was fishing, I could the fishing going fast and furious in Tim Hanske's boat. I couldn't see what but I could see they the fish were snapping!

Tim's boat had Kari from Wells Fargo, State Respresentative John Ward and Wild Radio personality and Minnesota North Star Alumni Tom Reid. Hanske had his boat on an active school of bass and they were catching a bunch!

The Minnesota Wild Foundation's Tim Groth and I were working a weedline near Tim and Toby that had produced fish for me on a prior scouting trip, but tonight it was slow. Seeing the flurry from the other boats, the pressure was on and I knew we needed to make a move. We moved to another weed edge closer to the Government Point access and it paid off with 2 nicer pike and some rock bass.

The one boat i could not see was Jeff Andersen's boat but I knew Jeff would bring in a bag of fish. Turns out the found a nice school of walleyes and also had a great mix of bass and northern.

Jeff had 2 BAHA kids in his boat and under his guidance they were quickly becoming NHL caliber fishermen! They were ready, willing and eager to help Team Andersen put the hurt bag on those fish. Nate Prosser also chipped in a with a Gull Lake large-mouth.

It was a great night for Minnesota Hockey, Brainerd Amateur Hockey, Cragun's and the Brainerd Lakes Area. We at Leisure Outdoor Adventures were humbled to be able to put on such a good event. A big thanks goes to the Cragun's staff for their generosity in helping pull this together. Also to the Minnesota Wild, what a great organization to travel the state and give back to communities. 

Book a Guided Fishing Trip with Leisure Outdoor Adventures Fishing Team at  We are providing guided fishing trips on many lakes including the Brainerd Lakes Area, Gull Lake, Whitefish Chain, North Long, Pelican along with the Leech Lake Area.

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