Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Leisure Outdoor Adventures/Minnesota Wild Shootout 2012

It all started with a simple phone call in April from Jim Vanek of the Minnesota Wild responding to an e-mail I had sent inviting the Wild to go fishing with Team LOA.  It culminated with Jason Zucker’s big pike leading the way for Team Kvalevog winning the Leisure Outdoor Adventures/Minnesota Wild Shootout for 2012.  The event was held at one of Minnesota’s most historic resorts, Cragun’s on the shores of Gull Lake. The stage was set for a great night for fishing and Minnesota Hockey.

Anticipation was high amongst all the participants, especially 3 lucky winners from the Leisure Outdoor Adventures "Fish with the Wild" contest. Local hockey players, Max Wheeler, Josh Hukriede and Zach Hukriede were chosen and they were grinning from ear to ear at the docks. Joining them in the boats were the Wild's Nate Prosser and Jason Zucker, State Representative John Ward, National Guardsman Nick Tuttle, Wild Radio personality Tom Reid, Kari from Wells Fargo and The Minnesota Wild foundation's Tim Groth. Team LOA was represented by Tim Hanske, Jim Ernster, Jeff Andersen and Toby Kvalevog. The rules were simple, multi-species format, weigh your boats 3 biggest fish.

Shortly after take off, 3 of decided to fish Wilson Bay on the South end of Gull. Wilson usually holds a good population of Largemouth bass and the weed lines hold good multi-species potential. Not long after all were fishing, we heard some hooting and hollering from Toby Kvalevog's boat, thanks to the Minnesota Wild's Jason Zucker. Zucker had latched into something big!

The fight was on and Zucker was as skilled with a Jason Mitchell rod in his hand as he is with a stick on the ice. This fish had no chance!

From where I was fishing, I could the fishing going fast and furious in Tim Hanske's boat. I couldn't see what but I could see they the fish were snapping!

Tim's boat had Kari from Wells Fargo, State Respresentative John Ward and Wild Radio personality and Minnesota North Star Alumni Tom Reid. Hanske had his boat on an active school of bass and they were catching a bunch!

The Minnesota Wild Foundation's Tim Groth and I were working a weedline near Tim and Toby that had produced fish for me on a prior scouting trip, but tonight it was slow. Seeing the flurry from the other boats, the pressure was on and I knew we needed to make a move. We moved to another weed edge closer to the Government Point access and it paid off with 2 nicer pike and some rock bass.

The one boat i could not see was Jeff Andersen's boat but I knew Jeff would bring in a bag of fish. Turns out the found a nice school of walleyes and also had a great mix of bass and northern.

Jeff had 2 BAHA kids in his boat and under his guidance they were quickly becoming NHL caliber fishermen! They were ready, willing and eager to help Team Andersen put the hurt bag on those fish. Nate Prosser also chipped in a with a Gull Lake large-mouth.

It was a great night for Minnesota Hockey, Brainerd Amateur Hockey, Cragun's and the Brainerd Lakes Area. We at Leisure Outdoor Adventures were humbled to be able to put on such a good event. A big thanks goes to the Cragun's staff for their generosity in helping pull this together. Also to the Minnesota Wild, what a great organization to travel the state and give back to communities. 

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