Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Leech Lake Ice Fishing Report

Leech Lake was up and down this past week and with the recent cold snap things have slowed down somewhat.  The front has caused the walleyes to be less aggressive and anglers are having to really hone in on those peak periods as well as as staying mobile to stay on top of the walleye bite.  Most fish are still being caught throughout the Main Lake in 12-16 feet of water.  This has held true with reefs, shoreline breaks, as well as breaklines and points.  Many anglers are utilizing the south end access and heading out to the reefs and breaklines around Pipe and Pelican Islands where as on the west end of the Lake, Traders Bay, Stony Point, and Pine Point are all seeing action.

Walker Bay has a decent walleye bite, with eater fish being more prominent.  18-28ft of water on humps that are near shore as well as shoreline breaks and points.  The Ice in Walker Bay is really varying so use caution and stick close for now constantly checking and drill holes.  Ice is varying from 4-6" in some places to 11-12" in others so it is best to continue to exercise patience with the Bay.  

Perch fishing has been good, with better fish coming on both main lake rock-to-sand transitions, and depressions in shallow sand/weed flats. Site fishing for perch can also be a fun thing to do all winter long, especially on weed flats.  With the abundance of small perch in the system, try upsizing your presentation to combat those little perch and catch more jumbos.

Panfishing remains good for Crappies and Bluegills with both species showing up in typical mid-winter areas like basin edges and mid-depth soft bottom flats. Look for those dishpan style lakes to focus your efforts on.  Tungsten jigs with plastics or euro larvae as well as small jigging spoons are working for both species.  

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