Friday, November 30, 2012

First Ice Findings

LOA guides Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen and Chuck Hasse spent a little time over the past few days in search of finding some fishable ice in the area.  After a few cold nights, a scouting mission or two, and a few phone calls they each had plans set in place to head out on their first frozen water adventure of the new season.

With not too many local options to choose from, Jeff and his good friend Jason Mitchell packed up for quick trip to Devils Lake, ND with hopes of getting their fill of super-sized jumbo perch.  It wasn't long after arriving, and they struck gold.  Limits of 11-12" with an occasional fish over 13" thumped the ice all day long, along with an occasional "bonus" walleye from time to time.  What a great way to start the season, hitting the century mark on pig Devils Lake Perch!  Immediately following, they jumped in the truck for the long drive ahead to make their appearance at the St. Paul Ice Show.  Stop in and say "hi" if you see them. You can see and hear more of Jeff's report below:

Meanwhile, closer to home, Chuck set out on Leech Lake to chase some Walleyes under the full moon.  It's very much worth noting that Leech Lake is a little unusual as far as first ice from other area lakes. Walker Bay still remains wide open as of now, but the main lake has been ice covered for the better part of a week.  After checking the ice, enough 4-5" clear ice was found to make their way out to one of Chuck's favorite early ice spots.  As the full moon peeked itself from the horizon, the walleyes turned on with a vengeance.  Many nice slot fish and eaters were pulled from the holes over the next few hours.  They ended up leaving with enough marble eyes for a good size meal, and a few picture fish as well.  Here's a few highlights from the first ice trip from Chuck...

Please keep in mind, no ice is safe matter what the conditions are.  The MN DNR recommends a solid 4" of clear, solid ice before venturing out by foot.  6+ inches is recommended for atv or snowmobile traffic.  Its also a very good idea to bring a buddy when you make those first few trips of the year. LOA always takes all precautions when making that first ice trip of the season. 

If you would like to get out on the ice with one of our LOA guides, give us a call at 855-LOA-HOOK

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