Monday, December 17, 2012

Area Ice Conditions - 12/17/2012

Brainerd Area -

Small Area Lakes - Many smaller lakes in the Brainerd area have taken a hit with the recent wet snowfall.  Areas of slush and wet conditions remain a concern for many anglers.  Before the snow some of the small lakes had 5-7" of ice.  Be very careful yet if you decide to venture out.
371 Bay on North Long - ice here seems to be in better shape with depths ranging from 4-7".  Anglers have been out for around 3 weeks now. 
Gull Lake - ice is finally starting to be made.  The southeast end has 3-5" while areas on the north end are in the 2-4" range.  Conditions are varied so make sure and use extreme caution.
Leech Lake Area -
Main Lake - Ice conditions are shaping up nicely.  A solid 8-10" of ice is being found on the NW side towards Pine Point, Goose Island and Sucker Bay.  Stoney Point is reporting roughly the same.  Caution is still advised however, as a few pressure ridges and heaves are starting to flex with the drastic changes in temps.
Walker Bay - caution advised as it has only been capped with ice for a week.  Only 2-4" is being found on the south end.   The north end towards Sand Point is roughly 3-5" thick.
Small Area Lakes - anywhere from 6-10 inches on many of the small lakes depending on snow and slush conditions.  ATV and Snowmobiles are being used on many of these lakes.
Bemidji and Red Lake Area -
Lake Bemidji - ice ranging from 6-10" with some spots having less or more. 
Cass Lake - ice on the main part of the lake is ranging from 4-7" - with more ice being found in the Allens Bay area.
Plantagenet - ice conditions are being reported on the north end of 6-8", same for the south end.  ATV traffic is starting to be used for moving around.
Red Lake - may be the thickest ice in the area.  ATV and snowmobile traffic are the norm with all outfitters and guides reporting rentals are out and available.  Some smaller vehicle traffic is being used as well, but still not advised. 
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