Thursday, September 6, 2012

Clam Outdoors X2 Thermal Fish Trap

Oh not yet we aren't ready to go ice fishing but the itch is near.  Over the past several years we have been working with Clam Outdoors, the industry leader, when it comes to ice fishing product.  As many of you know being portable is the single most important part to a successful day on the ice.

This year I'm so excited to have the brand new X2 Thermal Fish Trap behind my snowmobile.  Perfect, not a doubt in my mind, with each and every detail fine tuned to meet the needs of a hard-core angler!  This is simply not an infomercial, this is a fish house that I can say with the most confidence, will fit your needs as a big water/ice angler.

Let me tell you why!

The Exterior

Two layers of 450 denier fabric sonic welded together with insualtion between for a total of 900 total denier.  This combination will give you a huge reduction in condensation and is 25 degrees warmer.  Will you be fishing when it's -20 out?  I will!

The Sled

The thickest sled by 30% that Clam has ever made!  Designed to travel long distances behind an ATV or Snowmobile.  Clam used Co-Extruded Technology which makes the interior of the sled grey.  This isn't paint its the color of the interior of the tube so it won't loose the color.  A huge positive when it comes finding gear in darker conditions.

The Pole System
  • 1 1/4 Super-duty Pole System - Thick, durable, easy to set up and take down.
  • RPSX (Rapid Pole Slide Extreme) System - one of kind making take down and set up in cold weather a breeze
  • Clam's new spreader pole system - keeps the spreader poles in place after take down.  A huge advantage and much better then having your poles laying underneath all of the gear in your tube.
Seating System

Two of Clam's Deluxe Seats that swivel, move front to back, and side to side.  Combined with large pads make them comfortable for long days on the ice.  You also have the option to remove the seats if needed.

If you are an angler that fishes on big bodies of water like Lake of the Woods, Devils Lake, Great Lakes, Lake Winnipeg this is the fish house for you.

Here is a Video to see this masterpiece.

Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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