Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rainy River Sturgeon Excursion

Watch our exciting Rainy River Sturgeon Excursion 2011.....

If you are looking for the ultimate big fish adventure, Here it is! Hand to Hand combat with one of the most prehistoric looking fish that swim, Sturgeon. The Sturgeon of the Rainy river average in the 45-55" range and weigh 30-40 lbs. There many that up to 70" caught every year. You can expect to have sore arms after a bout with one of these bad boys!
In this video, Jim Ernster and I had a day to remember. After striking out on the walleye, we dropped the Minnkota I pilot on one of many Rainy River sturgeon holes. It wasn't long there after Jim caught our first fish, a 52" sturgeon. This was Jim's first Sturgeon and biggest fish of his life. Shortly after, I had my turn. After another lengthy fight, my fish threw in the towel and showed itself to the camera, a 55" hog belly!

These fish fight so hard. On this trip we used heavy equipment and still had to wait 10 minutes per fish to get them off the bottom. There is nothing like any ware else in Minnesota! You have to try this one sometime.

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