Saturday, June 25, 2011

Leech Lake Walleyes - The big ones are biting

A day of golf at Tianna Country Club, a great dinner at the 502 Restaurant, a night stay at beautiful Chase on the Lake and some great fishing with Steve, Steve, Thor and Baker is what I had the chance to do this week on Wednesday and Thursday.  It was a rain filled couple of days but that didn't dampen our spirits!  It was the first time I had the chance to golf Tianna Country Club and what a beautiful course.  I'm not golf pro like the crew mentioned above but I hit enough good balls to want to play again!  I have to mention that my last chip for the day my club almost went farther then my golf ball as the club slipped out of my hands because of the rainy conditions.  The boys thought that was a pretty funny!  After we had enough rain on the course we decided to go dry off and enjoy a nice dinner and I can't think of too many better spots then the 502 Restaurant at Chase on the Lake.  We sat next to the window looking over beautiful Leech Lake as we talked about the big fish that were waiting for us to catch in the morning!  We chowed down on some amazing food, watched the Minnesota Twins in one of the beautiful lake side condos and we hit the hay in the most comfortable beds in the planet. 

The alarm rang early in the morning and yes it was still a misty windy day but the boys were eager to set the hook on some ol' marble eyes.  Toby and I got the Ranger Boats ready to rock and we hit the water.  Our goal was the catch a few eaters then go for some big ones.  So off to the main lake flats we headed.  After fishing several spots and catching a few keepers, which were very spread out, we decided to head to big fish zone.  Toby had found a school of biting fish and like a great partner called us up and said come on over.  The sun came out and it was game on and it didn't take long for the rods to be bent with big fish giving the boys all they could handle.  After doing battle with some big walleyes we decided to go clean up the keepers and call it a trip. 

Below, of course, are a couple of fish from the trip!

"Make a Memory"
Jeff Andersen

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