Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Smorgasboard

The last two times I have been out with fellow LOA guide, Jason Freed, we have opted to stay closer to home and see what's shakin' on Gull Lake.  Friday night, May 25th, it was Checkered Flag redtails that were shakin from the multitude of fish that they were seeing!  Taking advantage of the strong winds that had been prevalent, we hit some points and the fish were rockin!  Some places, it was just northerns or rock bass (aka Gull lake smallies!), but the fish were biting.  When we found the Gull Lakes Walleyes, they were liking the redtails; they pounded 'em and they were feisty!  One key for us was that we knew the lake would be crowded, and it was, so we had re-explored some of our favorite spots using our Contour Elite software.  Utilizing this, we could see other boats on the same structure, but given the wind, we found little nooks where we figured would collect more fish and they did!

Today, May 27th, our original plan was to hit fabled Mille Lacs, but given that Gull was so good Friday, we opted for this.  Again, Gull Lake did not disapoint.  Brainerd Lakes Area panfish guru, Pablo Manecke hopped in the boat today as well.  As a guide, there are a number of things that go through your mind, even when fishing with friends, chief among them is to find fish!  10 minutes into this trip, we had a 22 incher thanks to Freed and then a 25 incher that gave Pablo all he could handle.  Not sure why walleyes get a bad rap as non-fighters, but this one was ticked and he let us all know it with his fight.  No match for the braided line and Jason Mitchell rods, we landed it, took some photos and let her go.

The Brainerd Lakes Area bite is heating up, call 1-855-LOA-HOOK to get in on the action!


Jim Ernster

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