Sunday, October 26, 2014

The end is near...

The end of the open water fishing season is drawing to a close, for a non-ice fishing guy, that stinks!  However, this extended stretch of unseasonably warm weather leads to a plethora of opportunities for all fishermen.  Muskies, walleyes, and perch are all trying to fatten up for the long extended winter that will be here all too soon.  

Muskie guys have been targeting weeds and rocks.  As the water drops, rocks will turn on as the ciscoes move into spawn.   We found this one wandering the open water near a wind blown flat area that typically will hold perch.

The battle was epic and just as important is the release.

Walleyes have been hitting lindy's with creek minnows or rainbows.  You can also use the fall favorite, a jig and a fathead! The beauty is the jumbos are mixed in or nearby this time of year.  While the end is near, take advantage and get out and fish!  No matter how good Aaron Rodgers is doing for your fantasy team, he won't help you catch a 46 inch muskie!

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