Monday, May 11, 2015

Leech Lake Walleye Fishing Opener Smack Down

My Office for the Season.  Lund - Mercury
The Minnesota fishing opener has come and gone and did not disappoint!  The Leisure Outdoor Fishing Guide Team spent the weekend on Leech Lake and Mille Lacs.  This is the time of season to get in on the best walleye bite of the season!

Leech Lake Report
45 minutes into the Opener - 3 angler limit

The walleyes were set up on the typical early season shoreline structure.  With a steady wind from the North to Northeast it seemed like every spot we fished from Pine Point, to Oak, to West Goose Flats all had fish.  Most the walleyes were caught under 8 feet of water with the typical Jig and Shiner combination.  If we found fresh weed-growth, either sand grass or cabbage, there was walleyes there in big numbers.  

I always get asked what is the prefect set up for snap jigging walleyes so here is my complete jigging set up.  I prefer a 6'6" medium light Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Rod teamed with an Abu Garcia Orra SX 10 reel.  A perfect rod and reel combination in my opinion.  For line I use 8 pound Berkley Trilene Sensation.  The line is one of the most important part of the equation.  Trilene Sensation has the perfect cast-ability, is ultra sensitive but the most important is how the line has the perfect amount of stretch but it hits a wall when setting the hook.  For a jig I prefer a KenKatch Banana Hair Jig or 3d eye tipped with a shiner.
Tiller Love!
Yep!  They are bitting.  The Minke Group with LOA Guides Toby K, Chuck Hasse and myself.

In most cases when I see people jigging they aren't moving the jig fast enough.  If you are back trolling a good goal is .8 mph.  Then the fun part is finding out how the walleyes want you to work the jig.  Sometimes the dragging method gets them or it's the snap.  Experiment and let the walleyes tell you.

If you're into lots of hook sets and full live-wells this is the time to get out.  Our Fishing Guide Team is ready if you are interested in a guide trip.  Call us at 1-800-562-4665 -

Jeff "Jiggy" Andersen

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