Sunday, February 19, 2017

Open Water fishing opportunity in February

Mn open water fishing opportunities may be available earlier this year do to our mild late winter weather. 

LOA Pr0 Team member Toby Kvalevog and WhiteCap Splashguard's owner Brian Berle kicked the open water season off a little early with a Mississippi River outing in south central MN.
Beginning at the top end of pool #2 flowing south, the Mississippi river is open to walleye fishing year round. Pool 2 is C/R only but #3 south of the St. Croix and the rest of the pools are considered border waters and open to harvest in accordance to MN DNR regulations. Pool 4 has open water and access year round with access out of Everts Resort on the Wisconsin side of the river and is usually open for business.
There's something special about the first trip of the year on open water after being forced off the water by old man winter for a few months.              
Look for all accesses south of  the Ford Dam on pool #2 to open soon if they are not already. As of now, the water temps are about 38 deg and flow and water clarity is prime for good fishing. On our recent trip, jigs and fathead minnows were the ticket worked with moderately fast Jig technique. The action was pretty steady throughout the AM with several fish being caught from 16-22 inches.

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