Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mille Lacs Guide Fishing Report

As many people in the fishing world have heard, the one lake in Minnesota that seems to be literally on fire right now for big walleyes is Mille Lacs.  We at LOA have been able to spend some time on the Big Pond the last week with great results.  Mille Lacs can be a daunting lake at times do to its sheer size and open water, which for some is intimidating but with the right gear and plan of attack success can happen out there and walleyes can be put in the boat.

Last Thursday, myself and fellow LOA guide Jeff Andersen hit the water to find some big walleyes.  We got to Garrison Landing around 7:00AM and hit the water immediately with two goals in mind.  The 1st was to enjoy the day and catch some walleyes and second get some great photos taken for one of our new product sponsors Jolly Roger Tackle out of Albertville, Minnesota.  After a short boat ride we pulled up onto one of our favorite mud flats, deployed the Jason Mitchell 10'6" trolling rods with a Baby Walleye Jolly Roger Spinner on one rod and a Sunrise Craw Spinner on the other rod and began trolling the edges and tips of the mud flats.  Within three minutes Jeff had a hook up and after a short battle a 26.5" walleye was put in the boat.  After some great pictures, a fist pound, and laugh, we knew we were in for a fun day on Mille Lacs.  As the day went on we continued to work anywhere from 25-33' of water and mainly on the edges of the mud flats and at times out off the edges.  What we found was the pods of walleyes are moving around all over and you have to pay close attention to your electronics when searching for them to plot your trolling run.  Spinners with crawlers far out produced lindy rigs and leeches for us.  The Jolly Roger spinners were the ticket all day long.  If you haven't checked them out, you really need to.  If you are a serious walleye fishermen who loves to troll spinners, this tackle company is where it is at.  We combined the Jolly Roger Spinners with 2oz Bottom Bouncers.   As day went on the fish kept biting, we had doubles and multiple fish between 25-27.5".  One thing to pay close attention to is your speed at which you are pulling your spinners.   We found that the best speed was around 1MPH to 1.3MPH that day and what we also found was as the day went on and conditions died down on the lake, we had to have the spinners running 50-55 feet away from the boat.  When we made these slight changes the fishing was very consistent.  This was by far one of the most memorable days I have had on the water in quite some time!

As the day winded down, Jeff suggested we take a break from the walleyes and hit up the smallmouth on the North End.  Much like the walleye fishing, we had a smallie on the line withing a couple minutes.  For the next hour we casted shaky head jigs and wacky rigged.  We caught multiple fish and saw many more!  It was an awesome way to end the day.

Saturday, Jim Ernster and I each had a guide trip on the lake.  Much like Thursday the bite was solid.  The fish were once again hungry and willing to bite.  I found the fish once again scattered, but leeches and lindys were the hot ticket for the guys in my boat.  The fish were relating to the edges of the mud flats and even at times on top of the flats.  I found my most consistent action in about 28-30 feet of water.  Jim's boat got a 27.5" Mille Lacs pig on a Jolly Roger Electric Perch Spinner and both of our boats caught alot of slot fish which seems to be the norm.  The lake and landings were packed, but with it being such a big lake you can still get to spots that are not getting pressured as much and find new fish.  Also be sure to seek out some other types structure as well.  Fish are being caught in the sand on the North end and I also got a report of some fast action on the rocks for walleyes throwing slip bobbers and leeches when the wind is blowing!

So the great thing is you can go and catch them so many different ways.  Lindy's, Spinners, and Slip Bobbers!  Be sure to stop in at Tutt's Bait and Tackle in Garrison for all of your bait and tackle needs.  They are a first class operation!  Mille Lacs is a great fishery, just remember to have a plan when you hit the water, be safe out there, and more importantly make some memories!


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