Thursday, June 5, 2014

A family day on the water

I have shared the boat with many people over the last 11 years of guiding.  Many who I continue to fish with every year, and I consider them my friends.  However I love sharing the boat with my wife Kaarin and my two boys, Gus (3) and Levi (1.) the best.  Last week I had a day off and it was to nice NOT to go out on the boat, so the journey began…

They don’t teach you in parenting class the about little “big” things, for instance…it will take at least one hour to get everything packed up and you may as well not lock the door because it is almost guaranteed you will be going back in.  Anyways, we made sure we had sunscreen, snacks, juice, water, toys, books, stuffed animals, diapers, and so on.  We made it off the driveway, and my son proceeds to tell me there is a boat behind us all the way to the landing.

With naptime looming, we launched the boat and loaded it with a house full of gear.  We made it away from the dock without too many problems, and I had Gus sit in my lap as we went for a boat ride.  Gus absolutely loved driving the boat and his smile showed it.  After the boat ride it was time to see if we could catch a fish so the boys could see.  I gave Kaarin a pole and she started casting/watching Levi, and I took Gus to the bow. 

I was casting for Gus and he would reel in, every cast I was hoping for a bite and I think he just thought it was fun.  Meanwhile, Kaarin had her hands full but she was getting a few casts in.  I watched her set the hook, and I could tell it was a big bass.  After a short battle and one nice jump at the boat…she lost itJ.  I will never forget what she said right after that…”DARNET!  I actually WANTED to catch that one.” 

Gus and I managed to catch a few crappies and sunfish, however the allure of the bait well and snacks soon took its grip.  We (I) fished a little longer, and then naptime caught up with us.  Here is the scene…tiny little bay with about 15 other boats in it.  Gus started crying (not quietly) because of three-year-old drama, and Levi was screaming because…I don’t know why.  So on this peaceful, sunny day, I have a boat full of screaming boys and everyone looking at us.  I wouldn’t trade it for the word!

The boys fell asleep before the boat was on the trailer, and it was all-good.  I’m pretty sure the boys will not remember this day precisely, however, I had so much fun even with the crying.  These days don’t last forever, and I tried my best to soak this one up completely!  All that day, and still quite frequently I think about the special experience I got to have with my family, in my “office.”  I love it, and it makes me excited to be back in the boat with my family ASAP! 

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