Monday, June 9, 2014

Leech Lake Fishing Report

Leech Lake Fishing Report
Dave Osborne and the Boys with a Beauty!

Well summer seems to finally be setting in in the Walker Area and that means the fish are starting to adjust as well.  Fishing was good this past week with a variety of presentations working which makes it fun for anglers as they hit the water.  Whether you like to use a jig and a shiner or a lindy rig and crawler or leech you can catch fish throughout Leech Lake with a variety of methods.  Pitching jigs towards windblown shoreline breaks and points is still working, or using it as a search method as you fan cast on expansive flats.  Shiners are still producing the best on a long shank Ken Katch jig with green or gold being great colors.  As the week went on pulling crawlers on a lindy rig or with slow death or a lindy rig and leech began to produce alot of fish. Depending on the day the walleyes seemed to like crawlers or leeches better.  Speed was the key with both presentations and it seemed typically .6-.8 mph produced the best results.  Wind blown shorelines, points, and rocks are producing good amounts of fish along with expansive flats, which can be intimidating to many folk.  When working these areas the key is to move around, even at times making circles and marking fish as you see them.  Eventually you are able to hone in on the way points and eliminate alot of dead space.  West Goose Flats, Duck Point, Ottertail, Hardwoods, throughout Sucker Bay, and up into Portage Bay have all been solid producers throughout the week with the best depths being 9-14 feet.  Keep moving until you find active fish.  As the weather warms the fishing is going to get better and better this month!  

Also a congrats goes out to Joe Andersen and Aaron Templin on their top ten finishes in the Kraus Anderson Walleye Classic.

If you are looking to book a guided fishing trip on one of the greatest lakes in the Minnesota be sure to give the boys at LOA a call.  We would love to hit the water with you and make some memories.

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A Few other pics from the week:

Freed and Grant Mussman.  Grant's smile says it all!

The Larson Crew with a nice stringer

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