Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We like catching Big Ones!

It's times like this that being a Fishing Guide Service on the many great lakes that Minnesota has to offer like, Leech, Gull, Whitefish, Cass, Pelican, makes our job so much fun.  The fish have been on the feed bag!

The fish are now just starting to move into there summer patterns.  Our guides have been pulling spinners on the main lake rocks.  Each day is a new day fishing so depths have varied from 8 to 18 feet.  The mayfly hatch is just starting to get underway so speed and covering water is the name of the game.  The guys have been using the new Bigtooth Sideliner MP-20 Planer-Boards to get their baits away from the boat.  Look for bait is also very key.

Hawg belly central located below!  A few photos from the guys in the past week.

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